Established in 2005, MiVa Engineering Ltd. is a privately held company, qualified and structured to provide services of engineering, design, analysis and integration of mechanical systems. The services are rendered complete, from design concept through technical documentation and specification; for large corporations as well as individual entrepreneur.

Our achievements so far and our ability to satisfy the customers with the best solution that works better than they hoped-for, are already making MiVa the partner of choice for several well established companies, primarily in oil-and-gas and related industries.

At MiVa we like to think outside the gear. It is our tradition to come up with solutions and designs as a result of multidisciplinary approach to a given problem. The most obvious solution is not always the best solution; we think that every problem needs to be looked-at from ”various angles” in order to be adequately solved. At MiVa, we rely on combination of our encyclopedic knowledge of mechanical engineering, current industry trends, marketing, economic and demographic factors, to adequately apply the ”multi angled” approach to the problem while looking for solution.

Our goal is to establish MiVa Engineering Ltd. as the company of choice when it comes to new product development in heavy rotating machinery. ”MiVa Solution” will become the synonym for: ”Innovative Engineered Solution That Works” while years of operation later, the owners will say: ”I Didn’t Know We Had That Piece Of Machinery”.

The way to achieving the goal is not just catching up to the pace of fast changing industry. Rather, we are foreseeing the trends and directions and creating ”plug and play” solutions that will create future trends while allowing for more economical manufacturing, easier operation, lower maintenance, longer life and improved efficiency of the equipment.