MiVa’s Engineering Team is ready to work with you to develop your next generation of products, from concept to production. We offer you our professional expertise and experience, in a wide range of engineering fields.

Gearbox Design

Gearbox Design

  • Complete gearbox design to your custom specifications including gears, housing, shafts, seals, splines, bearings, and lubrication.
  • Gear and gearbox failure analysis to accurately determine the failure condition and determine appropriate design improvements.
  • Reverse engineer any gear application, and provide drop-in solutions.
  • Using KISSsoft gear design software, we provide an in-depth analysis of bending and contact stresses to increase fatigue life, optimize the gear mesh to reduce transmission error and minimize noise.
Equipment and Machinery Design

Equipment and Machinery Design

MiVa Engineering offer consultancy and engineering services for design, integration and commissioning of:

  • Automated material handling systems
  • Hoisting equipment machines, winches and drawworks
  • Safety devices and brakes
  • Custom industrial automation equipment.

MiVa Engineering will work with your engineering department to help develop new or improve existing products.

Engineering data preparation and management

Engineering Data Preparation and Management

MiVa Engineering provides the temporary resources for turnkey engineering tasks during the new product development process or project specific. These tasks include:

  • Creating concepts, performing calculations, load simulations as well as motion analysis
  • Preparation of 3D modeling, shop drawings, build books and bill of materials
  • Reverse engineering mechanical components (gears, worms, racks, gear boxes etc.) for repairs, maintenance or retrofitting existing equipment
  • Prepare documentation for marketing, patent application and regulatory certifications.