Our Expertise

  • Complete gearbox design to your custom specifications including gears, housing, shafts, seals, splines, bearings, and lubrication. Our expertise includes (without limitations):
    • Parallel Axis
    • Planetary
    • Bevel
    • Worm
    • Rack & Pinion
  • Gear and gearbox failure analysis. Ability to accurately determine the failure condition and determine appropriate design improvements. Conduct on-site inspection and provide recommendations.
  • Ability to reverse engineer any gear application, and provide drop-in solutions.
  • Cost effective solutions based on our extensive manufacturing experience.
  • Using KISSsoft gear design software, we are able to provide an in-depth analysis of bending and contact stresses to increase fatigue life, and optimize the gear mesh to reduce transmission error and minimize noise.

What Do You Get From Us

  • Formally-prepared, checked and approved calculations with gear reports.
  • Manufacturing production drawings of every custom component developed.
  • Extensive assembly and maintenance instructions to ensure installation goes as smoothly as its operation.
  • Complete Bill of Materials including all information required for sourcing and manufacturing. We can also facilitate the manufacturing of parts and establish communication channels using vendors and suppliers recommended by us or you.
  • All 3D assembly and component electronic files used to create your product.
  • Rush services available, we can get you up and running again when downtime is critical.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Contact us with your basic input requirements such as torque, speed, weight, size and duty cycle and we will deliver you a cost effective gear or gearbox design that works.