Did we say we were an innovative team?

Well, we ARE and we are proud of it. When working on our clients’ projects, all IP created, including all patents, belongs to the client so we cannot brag about them. However, our creative engineering minds are occasionally working while not being paid by any clients. Any resulting innovations belong to MiVa and we are free to file for patent protection, manufacture, advertise, sell…

MiVa (Internally Financed Projects):

  • Speed Trimming Sheave; patented design with primary purpose of controlling speed of cooling fans in gas-compression and mining-truck applications. Product currently manufactured (by MiVa) and installed in gas-compression packages in Alberta, Canada. The device should be considered proof-of-concept for high powered applications such as pipelines, slurry-pumping, dredging etc. 
  • Mud-Pump (also suitable as Frac-Pump); patented design with continuously variable flow-control; eliminates need for multi-speed gearboxes commonly used in frac applications. Two-thousand horsepower, two cubic meters per minute mud-pump in early design stage.
  • Fully redundant capacity, multiple-motors Drawworks; patented design where full hoisting capacity can be achieved even with half-motors being off-line (motors are adding speed to each-other rather than torque as in traditional arrangements).
  • Gearbox for grid-size Wind-Mills; patented design with multiple (2) generators offering improved generating efficiency (main generator is connected across-the-lines thus avoiding VFD related loses).
  • Patent-pending Polished Rod Rotator with Height Adjustability; a new twist in pump-jack application where the rotator allows for easy rod-height adjustment (finding tap) without ever disconnecting the rod-clamps. For a safe, easy adjustment, the only tools required are ½” wrench and ¾” socket and ratchet. 
  • Patent-pending, self-modulating, self-amplifying Caliper Brake for drawworks application. Currently finalizing designs of “drop-in” replacements for most popular caliper brakes in the market (Svendborg, Johnson, Twiflex); in preparation for final patent application.
  • Patent-pending Spinning Wrench for drilling rigs; a differential spinner design that provides for mechanical actuation of gripping dies and insures that gripping force is always proportional to the torque applied. Final torque transfer to the tubular is achieved by static friction rather than dynamic friction as is the case with current roller-spinners. The design will guarantee shouldering of tubulars and can be used for casings.
  • Patent-pending Automated Mouse-Hole System; a complete joint make-up and break-out system based upon above Spinning Wrench. When installed in the mouse-hole (flush with the drill-floor), the system can provide for off-line make-up and/or break-out of tubulars. When employed with well-designed racking system, the operation can be fully automated.