Due to confidentiality to our clients, full details of our recent projects and client-names cannot be disclosed at this time. Suffice to say that thru our work (in various capacities) over the past decade we’ve covered virtually all major systems used on drilling rigs as well as a number of non-drilling related developments. To list just some of those:

Notable Projects, Drilling Related

  • Drawworks Family, 250 – 1,000 Tons, 1,000 – 6,000 HP Rated Capacity. In particular, Vladimir Šćekić, founder of MiVa Engineering has lead the design, and/or design-build projects of over 300 drawworks operating worldwide, on-shore and off-shore (numerous patents).
  • Rack-and-Pinion Hoisting System, 400 Tons capacity (largest capacity on the market, numerous patents pending)
  • Automated Wrench (Spinner and Power-Tongs) for drilling rigs, 100,000 Nm make-up, 120,000 Nm break-out torque capacity; suitable for on-shore and off-shore applications. Awarded by the North American oil and gas industry as the “New Technology Development of The Year” in 2015 (numerous patents pending,  www.drillform.com)
  • Automated Vertical Pipe Racking System, (manipulates triple pipe stands, weight capacity 10 Tons, system with the most functionality on the market, numerous patents pending)
  • Top Drive Gearbox Family; 1,000 – 3,000 HP, single or two-motor architecture
  • Top Drive Family; 250 – 500 Tons, 800 – 1,500 HP Rated Capacity
  • Power Slips System (patents pending)
  • Rotary Table Drives, 800 and 1500 HP capacity

Notable Projects, Non-Drilling Related:

• Two patented designs of speed increasers for gas compression, 600 – 1,600 HP capacity; fully integrated with Caterpillar or Waukesha engines.
• Portable, electrolytic waste-water treatment plant;
• Space-observatory door-control system;
• PVD coating chamber (www.aurorascicorp.com);
• Machine upstand for residential elevators modernization.